Enjoy A Relaxing Break From SIPP And SSAS

As you try and make sense of the largely uninspiring world of SIPP and SSAS, please take a little time to marvel at these incredible pictures of the natural world, proudly featured on SIPPclub, having been taken by award winning photographers.

Andy Deitsch

Andy has always been interested in photography, but it wasn't until 2011 when he had the opportunity to borrow an underwater camera that he started to take his photography more seriously and began taking a number of underwater photography workshops.  Since then, he has taken all forms of photography more seriously, but most enjoys underwater photography, aerial photography with his drone and land-based wildlife photography.

In pursuit of his images, Andy has travelled to the far reaches of our planet including Indonesia, Palau, Solomon Islands, Israel, Egypt, Australia, Philippines, Galapagos Islands, Mexico and all over the Caribbean.  Andy has won several photography competitions and his images have been published in magazines worldwide.  His work can be found on his Website and Facebook.

Julian Cohen

Julian Cohen is an award winning photographer who describes himself as a Nomadic Photographer, Speculator, Sailor and Professional Lay About.  What's beyond doubt is the amazing quality of his pictures. See more of Julian's fabulous work on his Website and Flickr.

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